mermaid melody pichi pichi pitch

foro de mermaid melody pichi pichi pitch!!!!
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 [Test] What do the guardians think of you?

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Sabrina Chan


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MensajeTema: [Test] What do the guardians think of you?   Vie Oct 14, 2016 9:53 am

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Your name was Sally Holloway when you were alive, you loved Halloween, fall, nighttime, anything like that. When you became a guardian it was natural that you would become in charge of Halloween. You are also the guardian of creativity. You like somewhat darker things, but you are still very kind when you want to be.Your guardian names have been many over the years but the one that stuck was Halloween which is now the name of the holiday. The guardians call you Hallie for short hope you don't mind. Smile

Jack: She's nice, I wasn't sure of her at first, especially when I heard she was almost caught up to my record of being on the naughty list but I finally decided it was alright if we shared it. She's one of my closest friends.

Tooth: She's alright and her teeth are nice but I don't like how her and Jack are always off pulling pranks all the time. Although I guess It's alright considering she talks with Sandy more. I find it odd how she can interpret his pictures so easily but I guess that comes to her easily being the guardian of creativity and all.

Bunnymund: She's kind of scary, but once I got to know her I realized that she was pretty nice. As long as she doesn't do anything like Jack did in 68' we'll get along fine.

Sandy: (using sign-language with his sand) I like how creative she is...She's really pretty too, and kind when she wants to be.

North: She seems very nice especially to Sandy, but I think Jack's worried that She'll take his record on most times on the naughty list.

Pitch: She's not as evil as I hoped she would irritates me.
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[Test] What do the guardians think of you?
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